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The Classics BRUT Croquantine Sélection DEMI-SEC The Classics BRUT Sélection Champagne Selection Brut is the heritage of the champagne Guy CHARBAUT through a well-balanced blending of the three traditional grapes, to which 50% of reserve wines are added. The power of the Meunier, the floral bouquet of the Pinot Noir and the slightly acid aromas of the Chardonnay get involved for a wine of apéritif or buffets.

Aged on lees minimum 48 months before disgorgement.
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The Classics DEMI-SEC Croquantine The Champagne Croquantine is based on the same blending as the Sélection Brut. This wine is aged on lees for a minimum of 48 months before disgorgement. A warm dosage in sugar confers it a beautiful curvature in mouth while respecting the beauty of its fruity bouquet. Perfect with petits fours and desserts; it is also extremely enticing with sweet and savoury delights such as foie gras panna cotta on star-anise flavoured fig compote or mature goat’s cheese.    Download the technical sheet    Online Shop

The Inevitables BRUT - PREMIER CRU Rosé Cuvée de Réserve BRUT - PREMIER CRU Blanc de Blancs BRUT - PREMIER CRU The Inevitables BRUT - PREMIER CRU - VIEILLES VIGNES Cuvée de Réserve This vintage is a selection of grapes gathered from the oldest vines from the “Premier Cru” terroirs in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and Bisseuil. It comprises two-thirds Pinot Noir and one-third Chardonnay with 30% reserve wines added. Full-bodied, harmonious wines whose quintessential aromas and potency make it perfect champagne for connoisseurs.

Minimum ageing 5 years in bottles.
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The Inevitables BRUT - PREMIER CRU Blanc de Blancs This Blanc de Blancs comprises 100% Chardonnay from our Premier Cru vines, to which 10 to 15% of reserve wines are added. This vintage draws its effervescence and smoothness from the terroir from which it mainly originates: the Bisseuil village Premier Cru. The perfect south-facing aspect of Charbaut’s vineyard and the blend with 10 to 15% of reserve wines produce an ever-so rich Chardonnay that exhales a delicate floral fragrance with light citrus notes.
This champagne is an absolute delight with aperitif, or at the beginning of your meal with white fish or sea food. Minimum ageing 84 months in bottles.
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The Inevitables BRUT - PREMIER CRU Rosé One of Charbaut’s historic Champagne that requires highly-developed savoir-faire. The bunches of Pinot Noir grapes are destemmed and crushed before being macerated with their skins for 36 to 48 hours. This method, known as “cuvaison” or “de saignée”, produces a potent rosé which is sharpened with 10% Chardonnay that gives it an elegant touch of freshness. An association translated by an elegant robe and rich red fruits aromas.
The minimum ageing of 96 months in bottles brings a good length on the palate.
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The Treasures Memory Blanc de Noirs Millésime BRUT - PREMIER CRU EXTRA-BRUT - PREMIER CRU BRUT - PREMIER CRU 2008 2012 2005 The Treasures BRUT - PREMIER CRU Millésime 2008 This vintage is a blend of the potency of Pinot Noir (60%) and the effervescence of Chardonnay (40%). Upon harvesting, Xavier identifies the vines whose grapes produce a great Champagne. In addition to harvest quality, the right balance between acidity and sweetness is a prime of importance. This vintage 2006 is a round and warm wine. The richness of the aroma explodes on the palate by extending on mocha notes.

This Champagne, produced with grapes from a single year and a blend of different “crus”, is a champagne “de garde” (ideal for ageing).
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The Treasures EXTRA BRUT - PREMIER CRU Blanc de Noirs 2012 Behind its elegant and generous silhouette, this pure Pinot Noir vintage lets this noble grape variety express all of its intensity. This vintage offers power, balance and character. The fine and expressive nose opens on notes of yellow peach and orange peel, while the wine offers an appealing ampleness, full body and harmony in the mouth. The body, substance and tannins contribute to this wine’s structure.

This champagne will harmoniously reveal all the flavours of your gourmet meals. Limited quantity.
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The Treasures BLANC DE BLANCS Memory 2005 This Millésime, created by Guy Charbaut, is a precious legacy for future generations: when it is bottled, it becomes a gamble, a bet, as regards the wine itself and the grapes selected; when it is tasted, it is an invitation to discover mature Chardonnay.
Even though the wait may seem long, this champagne should be aired a few minutes before being served. Take time to enjoy its taste. Limited quantity.
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The Wines & Alcohols DE CHAMPAGNE Vieux Marc Ratafia DE CHAMPAGNE Vieille Fine DE LA MARNE The Wines & Alcohols DE CHAMPAGNE Ratafia This 18° aperitif is created from the juice of 100% Pinot Noir grapes with an addition of alcohol to neutralise fermentation. A mistelle to appreciate alone, in a cocktail, in the kitchen, or with melon, foie gras or sweet desserts.    Télécharger la fiche technique    Accéder à la boutique The Wines & Alcohols Fine de la Marne Distillation of the vinification and the pressing of grape juice, Guy Charbaut Fine du Champagne is 40% ABV. It is a fine and elegant brandy to enjoy after a meal or to subtly flavour desserts.    Télécharger la fiche technique    Accéder à la boutique The Wines & Alcohols DE CHAMPAGNE Marc Distillation of the pomace (solid residues from pressing), Guy Charbaut Marc de Champagne is a powerful aromatic brandy at 40% ABV.
It can be served as an after-dinner digestive, the base for a cocktail or sorbet or can be added to culinary preparations.
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